Check out these useful and entertaining links to sites about photography, rocks and minerals, lapidary, natural science and interior design. Click on the yellow link.

This rockhound dream site features beautiful jaspers and agates including morrisonite and owyhee jasper from the US Northwest. Special sales are offered on a regular basis.

Capistrano Mining specializes in rare Benitoite, gemstones, Montana sapphire, and offers supplies and gems to host your own gem mining party!

Designs By Nature is a gallery, rock shop, and jewelry store located in San Clemente, California. Visit here for a wonderful gift, a fascinating collectible, or lapidary supplies. Kirk Kegel's Rock Art photography is on exhibit here throughout the year.

Wally Pacholka's award winning photography features celestial events, planets, meteor showers, and the Milky Way galaxy with our country's National Parks gracing the foreground of his scenes. Awesome!

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